The most fundamental components of our so called physical world is

Waves Particles

(Energy) (Physical Matter)

To understand how the world looks we look at its tiniest components - ie Quantum Physics

Where does the intelligence that keeps our heart beating come from?

That's a part of the autonomic nervous system

Where is that system located?

The brain. The brain's limbic system is part of the autonomic system.

What are the tissues made up of?


What are the cells made of?


What are the molecules made of?


What are the atoms made of?

Subatomic particles

What are those subatomic particles made of?



All Matter essentially is made from Energy

Quantum experiments revealed that electrons can exist in an invisible field of energy. And that once they are observed by someone they appear!  That they cannot manifest into reality until they are observed.

So ponder this.

Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as electrons . By their very nature, these particles only come into existence once observed.

They are potentially ‘every thing ‘ and no thing’ until observed.

Thus everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential.

So …

If your mind can influence the appearance of an electron, then theoretically it can influence the appearance of any possibility!

This means that the Quantum field contains a reality in which you are healthy, wealthy and happy and possess all of the qualities and capabilities of the idealized self that you hold in your thoughts.

You are powerful enough to influence matter because at the most elementary level you are energy with a consciousness. You are mindful matter.

You are more than just a body, you are consciousness using a body and a brain to express different levels of mind.

The Way you think directly affects your life.To break the habit of being yourself, you have to think greater than the circumstances of your life, be greater than the feelings that you have memorized in your body and live in a new line of time.

***Above excerpt taken from Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of being Yourself.


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