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The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe

I absolutely love hot chocolate but I love this healthier version which I am about to share, even more. Often in the evenings once I get my daughter to bed I am in the mood for something sweet and we all know how bad sugar is, so this is the perfect alternative to curb cravings for something sweet and it’s actually good for you. This mix of ingredients is hormonal balancing, full of antioxidants and has anti-cancer properties.

I discovered this wonderful little mix as I started my investigation into Turmeric. I had been experiencing aches in my bones and joints, and many nights was awoken from my sleep with bad cramps in my legs. I was already taking a calcium supplement for many months so I knew I needed something different.

Enter this hot chocolate concoction I am about to share with you. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it eradicated all the pains I was experiencing in my hip joints and I no longer have cramps in my legs at night.

Below is a link of the ingredients included in the mix and linked for each are the associated healing properties.

If you do give it a try or have your own amazing hot chocolate recipe mix please do share.

Goodnight my friends.



My Magic Mix

1 x Tablespoon Harmonic 5 Mushroom Chocolate

1 x Teaspoon Botanica Tumeric Golden Mylk

 ½ Teaspoon of Organika Maca

2/3 x drops Gaia Garden Ashwaganda Tincture

1 x Cup Coconut/Almond Mylk Unsweetened

  • Fill your cup full of mylk and then pour that amount in a medium size pan.

  • Heat the mylk on the stovetop over a medium high heat.

  • Once the mlyk begins to warm and bubble add in all of the above listed ingredients.

  • Continue to stir with a whisk until fully combined and no lumps.

  • Pour into your cup and Enjoy!


Click on below to see listed healing properties.

MUSHROOMS: Reishi, Cordyceps,Turkeys Tail, Chaga, Lions Mane





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