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How to Get Clear Skin

How to Get Clear Skin

It’s summertime and if you’re anything like me you want to leave the house with as minimum amount of effort as possible, while feeling fresh faced too. Every since I was a teenager I have struggled with my skin; it’s something I really have to monitor by being careful with my diet. I remember when it was at it’s worst, I was 15 years of age and I begged my mother to take me to the doctor to fix it!.He told me I had two options, the first was to start the birth control pill - as the side affect of this was less acne (even though I was only 15 and not sexually active) and the second was to wait until I was 30 years old as he was ‘positive’ by then that “my hormones would have leveled out” . I wish I could say I was joking here but seriously that was the advice I was given by a trained medical professional back in the 90’s!

Needless to say I have come a long way since then and slowly (and somewhat painfully) I have figured out by myself that for me it’s usually comes back to my diet and what I am eating for better skin. I grew up on a heavily processed diet, with lots of sugar, and many courses of antibiotics during my teenager years, as I was prone to sore throats (tonsillitis). Antibiotics play absolute havoc on the balance of bacteria in your gut and can cause skin issues and IBS issues until restored to balance. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I became interested in food and nutrition and how it affects my body, energy levels and skin.

I now eat a plant based diet, which means the majority of food that enters my body comes from plant sources, eating as little processed food as possible. I am a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy but I do love eggs, and cheese sometimes too if I’m in the mood for it. I stay away from labels such as ‘vegan’ as I want to have the flexibility to eat food that I enjoy and feel good about my choices, regardless if I’m at home cooking or out for dinner with friends.

Recently my skin has flared up again, sometimes this can happen if I am stressed out or run down, but this time it was due to one of my biggest Vice’s ….Sugar. Oh man can I crush a chocolate bar. I have such a sweet tooth and I love to ‘treat myself’. The problem was that my weekly treat had turned into a daily treat and it was showing on my skin. I was also snacking (a lot) late at night. After getting Abbey down to bed, post bath and bedtime routine, my nighttime feasting would begin. Everything from crackers with hummus, to a fried egg on a toasted bagel. So two weeks ago I decided it was time for a Summer Reboot and it seems to be working a treat. I see all of this below as a lifestyle choice and not something I have to really force or been militant about, if it’s a really hot day and I want ice-cream, I will have it. I just won’t make a habit of it.

Below are the steps I took to reboot my system and help give my gut a break, keep in mind I am not a trained professional in this field these are simply steps I took based off all my own research from the people I respect in the Nutrition field. Being a vegetarian who loves coffee and had a little bit of a sugar problem, I often suffer with IBS (TMI I know but hey, maybe this is you too and these steps can help you). After two weeks of the below steps, I feel more energized, my gut is coming back into balance and my skin is about 75% better. After a month I am expecting to feel like the true Queen I am. We are all Queens on the inside waiting to come out and shine our brightest lights. Yes Sister - you are too!

Aisling’s Summer Skin Reboot Steps

  • Drink 3 liters of water a day

  • Take a probiotic daily ( I chose Bio-K Strong as tons research behind the many wonderful effects this has on gut for IBS)

  • Take my Multi-Vitamin, Zinc and Omega supplements daily (all great for skin)

  • No sugar or treats

  • Fasting from 8pm - 8am (Giving my digestive system/gut a full 12 hours to breakdown and re-balance itself)

  • No red wine (Lots research linking red wine to skin breakouts especially Rosacea)

  • Adding 3 drop of Ashwagandha to my morning coffee

  • Half my plate filled with vegetables for every meal (especially greens, cooked to soft to touch with fork but not mushy)

  • 30 mins of any form of exercise daily (usually walking around my neighborhood)

  • High intense cardio twice a week (I’ve been doing the spin classes at my gym using the One Peloton App and I’m addicted!!!)

  • Meditate daily - everything that is happening externally is a reflection of what’s going on internally. Lots of Yoga Nidra and especially my Yoga Nidra for Self Love.

  • I started using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer with SPF 30

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