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Why Meditate?

Why Meditate?

There are many reasons why you could,should or would meditate but ultimately Meditation is a tool to help you calm the inner noise, the constant chatter, the monkey mind, the inner critic of your mind. Meditation allows you to arrive to a quiet space, internally, so that you can get quiet enough to truly find your way and hear the answers to the questions you have been asking.

If you find yourself laying awake at night, or not being able to get back to sleep later after you wake up - Meditation can help you. If you find yourself in a constant state of anxiety, worry or panic - Meditation is for you. If you live a really busy hectic lifestyle and can’t even seem to find the time to plan out exactly what it is you want for your future and get clear on the specifics -Meditation can provide the space for you to do this.

It’s such a powerful tool and the best part is, there are so many forms of Meditation for you to try. It’s not all about sitting crossed legged in your typical yogi pose. It’s about finding what works for you and then creating consistency with your own personal Meditation practice in your life.

My preferred style of Meditation is called Yoga Nidra. It is a guided Meditation practiced in Savasana (the pose where you lay on your back fully relaxed). I choose this style as for me it works and personally I believe it to be a fast-track way to total relaxation and connection. In Seated Meditation the objective is to quieten your mind by becoming aware of your thoughts and then letting them go, maintaining a strong focus. In Yoga Nidra the objective is total surrender. You lay down, get as comfortable as you can and follow a guided Meditation journey as directed by the guide.

You can read about the exact stages of the Guided Yoga Nidra process HERE.

I use Yoga Nidra to eradicate any anxiety, fears or worries that come up for me, as well as using it as a tool to become silent and still allowing me to find clarity in any situations I am seeking clarity on. It provides me with the peace of mind I so desperately seek, especially being a mother of a very busy little 3 year old girl (almost 3!) and it brings me home to myself in a way that helps me remember and value my own personal life purpose.

I discovered the practice of Yoga Nidra when I was pregnant and was so mesmerized by how it works that two years later I went on to train in becoming a Yoga Nidra guide with my first ever Yoga NIdra Guide. You can read more juicy details about that HERE.

The true purpose of Meditation is to get beyond our analytical mind (which is our thinking mind) and into our subconscious mind where real and permanent change can take place.

— Dr Joe Dispenza (Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself)

How to Start …

I would recommend trying a few different styles until you find the one that works for you. If you are the type of person who has a busy mind, a thinker, very active then I recommend Yoga Nidra. The beauty of this is that you are guided throughout the entire process, so basically you are told exactly what to do which will bring you into a deep meditative state.

You can Listen to my 3 Free Yoga Nidra Recordings HERE.

You can also listen to them on my Insight TImer Profile HERE

Insight Timer is an amazing Meditation App which is totally free and will you access to every type of Meditation out there, all for free.

Headspace is a great Meditation for beginners as its nicely laid out, with animation and video and brings you through step by step of how to begin to Meditate. The first few are free but there is a cost involved if you want to continue further.

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