Move your body the way that ‘FEELS’ good.


It all started when…

I was a new Mother desperately searching for more ‘me-time’ and living in a body I felt totally disconnected from. It felt alien to me, I had lost all sense of strength and trust in my body. It was like a best friend I no longer knew.

Hatha Yoga brought me home. Home to my body. I grew stronger in my connection to my physical body and it’s connection to my mind. Slowly I began to build a new relationship with my new body and I learned to trust it once again.

In my classes I invite students to ‘FEEL’ everything in their bodies and use their breath as their own guide. Because you are your own best teacher. Only you know what it is like to move and to live in your body. My classes use movement for a feeling of release and freedom, to reconnect and feel present both in body and mind. If it feels good then you are doing it right. Trust in yourself.