In my one on one private sessions I look at each session with a holistic approach. Depending on exactly what you want/need, the initial consultation will discuss exactly the areas you want to focus on and then any additional issues that come up throughout the session will be explored further.

Each sessions varies widely. They can include everything or some of the following:

  • Yoga (Yoga flow sequences Hatha/Kundalini)

  • Meditation (Seated/Yoga Nidra)

  • Crystal Energy Healing

  • Chanting & Journal writing

  • Inner Child work (Self limited belief release)

  • Healing Circle Ceremony

  • Mindfulness (Walking, Body Sensing)


I work with you to create a unique Yoga session filled with sequences designed especially for you focusing on your needs, for example tight hips/lower back pain/ knee injury/post-partum. Depending on many factors I will include elements from Hatha/Kundalini/Yin/Restorative. Read more here


This is my secret weapon and this is how I can help you reveal your own inner super-powers. Learning to quieten your mind from racing thoughts, long enough so you can hear yourself think. Finding some clarity, an uplift in your mood, the ability to cope in your current life situation and the demands of your life. This can be practiced with some simple breath-work to start in a seated meditation, or it can be practiced with a guided meditation on your back, where you move into a state of deep rest and full surrender.

Yoga Nidra

In advance of this session we will discuss the area on which you need clarity/healing/abundance/manifestation/love. I will then create a bespoke 45 minute guided yoga nidra meditation for you, which I will then guide you through in person, followed by providing you with a recorded MP3 which is yours to keep and play many times after, until all is resolved. Read more on Yoga Nidra here and my journey with Yoga Nidra here.

Crystal Energy Healing

A specific arrangement of crystals will be placed on top of your clothed body, as you lay on your back resting. The selected crystals are chosen for you to bring healing to the area of your life in which you need it the most, at that time. This is a form of energy healing where I will use my hands (placed above the energy points of your body, known as Chakra’s) to direct energy around your body, opening and closing each chakra, releasing any chi blockages. Similar to Acupuncture the release comes from unblocking the different Meridian lines. Read more on my Crystal Healing sessions here.

Private Sessions can be booked for:

60 MIN - 90 MINS - 120 MINS



Vancouver BC, Canada

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