My Journey into Yoga Nidra …

Yoga Nidra has the power to transform people's lives. It brings you back to a sense of wholeness, a place where you don't need anything or anyone, because we are already interconnected, you already have everything and everyone. We are one.

I first encountered Yoga Nidra when I became pregnant with my daughter, I discovered this practice with a desire to feel more grounded, centered and more at ease. I wanted to surround my baby and I in a cocoon of positivity and to send healing energy vibrations through to her.

I had read a lot about how an expecting mother’s feelings can directly affect the baby, and if a Mum is in a high state of stress, their baby can also be stressed. I found some online Yoga Nidra recordings by Jana Roemer which I listened to and always noticed I felt better afterwards, I was more grounded and connected.

Surprisingly, I became more at ease in my body, but also more at ease in my mind. I noticed a shift without consciously trying to change or do anything. I started to heal my own inner child and my childhood wounds, simple by practicing. A lot of my fears around becoming a first-time mother like worthiness and knowing what to do, dissipated and I started to gain confidence in my own ability to be a mother, to nurture and to love. It also helped me to release anger that I had unknowingly held inside, and disappointment that I carried from my own childhood and my relationship with my mother. It brought healing to these areas of my life.  

By the time my daughter entered this world, I was prepared to be a Mother, I was in a place where I believed in myself. It wasn't from talking, or trying, or reading, it was really from surrendering and letting go, trusting the process and finding that quiet, calm, stillness inside of myself. It was reassuring to know, that no matter how chaotic the external world is, and how imperfect it is, that I would always have this place of peace to access. It made me feel safe because I knew that I could visit here when overwhelmed.

I continued my practice of Yoga Nidra throughout the next 2 years of my daughter's life, alongside publicly teaching Yoga asana. I came to a crossroads in my teaching, feeling like I wasn't quite delivering the passion I had inside and knowing I had extra to give. It was then I realized I had to share my love of Yoga Nidra with the world.

The very next morning I received a newsletter email from Jana saying she had a Yoga Nidra training course beginning the following month, only an hours drive from where I live, and she had a couple of remaining spots -  this was my sign from the universe, I knew then that I had to go. I had been listening to Jana for almost 3 years at this stage and trusted in her knowledge and ability as a teacher, I knew she was my guide.

I love the simplicity of practicing Yoga Nidra. It invites you home to yourself, to who you are outside of your physical body and your earthly identity.

Practicing it with a trained guide takes you through different levels and areas of your subconsciousness mind which may have been ceased shut for so long.  It is like opening golden gates in your mind and out floods everything that has been trapped inside. Then all that remains is a feeling of space and lightness. How wonderful is that?


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